Generate MD5 Hash from Multiple Files in Folder

Need to generate MD5 HASH of multiple files in a folder, but running “md5sum <file>” takes WAY TOO LONG!?

This small tool/script may be of help.
This script scans a user specified folder (including its sub-folders), and creates a file that contains a list with all filenames and it’s MD5 HASH.

Go to the terminal, and write the follwing:

Step One:

Step Two:
paste the following code into the file:

# Description: Scan for files in chosen folder incl. subfolders
# Usage: ./ <folder to scan>
find "$1" -type f -exec md5sum {} \; > "$1" MD5checksums.md5

Press CTRL + O to save the document, and then CTRL + X to exit back into the terminal.

To use it you first need to make it executable. This is done by the following command in the terminal:

“sudo chmod +x”

The script should now be ready to go..
By typing for example: “./ /home/digitalbrekke”, the script scans the entire home folder, and creates a file called “MD5checksums.md5” in that directory once it’s done scanning.

Hope this was helpful for anyone.