How to Generate Random Text in Word

In the realm of document creation, Microsoft Word stands as a ubiquitous tool, facilitating the production of various documents, templates, and mockups. A lesser-known but incredibly useful feature within Word is the ability to generate random placeholder text, a handy tool for designers, developers, and content creators alike. This article will guide you through the process of effortlessly incorporating random text into your Word documents using the built-in RAND and LOREM functions.

Generating Random Text

Microsoft Word offers a simple and efficient method for inserting random text using the RAND function. To generate default random text comprising 5 paragraphs and 3 sentences each, follow these steps:

  1. Position the cursor in the document where you want to generate random text.
  2. Type “=RAND()” (without quotes).
  3. Press Enter.

For users who require more control over the generated text, customizing the number of paragraphs and sentences is equally straightforward. Follow these steps:

  1. Position the cursor in the desired location.
  2. Type “=RAND(number of paragraphs, number of sentences)”
    e.g. “=RAND(10,4)”.
  3. Press Enter.

By executing these steps, Word will populate your document with random text based on the current language settings.

Generating Random Latin Text (Lorem Ipsum)

In addition to generating text in the native language of Office, Word provides a built-in function for creating Lorem Ipsum text – a placeholder text commonly used in the design and typesetting industry.
To generate Lorem Ipsum text with the default settings of 5 paragraphs and 3 sentences, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Position the cursor in the document.
  2. Type “=LOREM()” and press Enter.

For users seeking a more customized Lorem Ipsum text, the process is just like with normal text to generating random text:

  1. Position the cursor in the Word document.
  2. Type “=LOREM(number of paragraphs, number of sentences)”
    e.g., “=LOREM(10,4)”.
  3. Press Enter.

Word will seamlessly replace your cursor’s location with Lorem Ipsum text tailored to your specified parameters.


Efficiency in document creation is paramount, and Microsoft Word’s ability to generate random text, both in the current language of Office and in Lorem Ipsum, enhances this efficiency for users across various industries. Whether you’re creating a document template or a design mockup, incorporating placeholder text has never been easier. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can harness the power of Word’s RAND and LOREM functions.