How to Solve: Discord on Android Freeze Other Persons Camera

Are you an Android user? Are you using the Discord app? Have you experienced that the camera of the person you are chatting with freeze constantly all the time?
Then the problem is not on their side, IT’S ON YOUR SIDE! (most likely)

If you’re a Discord user, you probably know about their app for Android and iPhone.
The problem that some times occur is that the person they are video chatting with freeze. Our first response is “Hey, your picture froze, can you try again?”, and usually that solves the issue.
Unfortunately; lately Android users have been experiencing this constantly, and the issue is returning even though both users have perfect signal.

After some troubleshooting it seems like the problem is on the Android end (Sorry to say..).

So how do we fix it?

Well to be honest; we’re not sure what’s causing the problem, but it seems like it has something to do with the app using your own camera together with the other persons camera feed for some reason.

This is only a workaround rather than a solution, BUT to at least stop the freezing of the callers video and have a freeze free session you need to disable the displaying of your own camera.
For some reason if you turn off the option to see your own camera over the callers camera it solves the issue of a frozen callers video.

So to do this you need is to tap the screen so that the menu bar appears.
Then you need to put your finger on top of the bar on the gray horizontal line and swipe upwards.

Now you are presented with a lot of options.
What you need to disable is “Show My Camera”.
Simply swipe the slider off and restart the video, or the call.
This should solve the freezing image..
We know it’s not a solution, but at least it works for now until Discord comes up with a fix.
Hope this was of any help to you.

Not sure what Discord is?

Discord is a communication platform that allows people to chat, voice chat, video chat, and share content with each other online.
It’s often used by gamers to chat with friends while playing games, but it’s also used by various communities for discussions, collaboration, and socializing.
It also allows for creating different channels or groups for specific topics or interests, making it easy to organize conversations.
Discord is also available for most platforms, but also for mobile devices like Android and iPhone.