The Wonders of Wordlists

There comes a time when we need to use a wordlist. A good wordlist is an essential tool in the life of a PenTester, or h@ck3r.

With the proper wordlist things might just go a bit easier.

What is a wordlist?

A wordlist is as the word describes a
huge list of words. These lists might contain words that represent the most used passwords in the world, or the most common usernames people use on their accounts. In other words, they can be a list of everything.

When making lists like this it’s important to tag them correctly so that you or any other user understand what this particular list is mostly used for.


We have some list for you to start with.
Use them as you wish..


1000 Usernames


1500 best passwords

12000 best passwords

300K best passwords

Also if you have plenty of time to spare, the “Rockyou” list on Kali Linux is a good suggestion.